How to Future-proof Healthcare Data Management

I often frequent leading hospital and medical facilities and have the opportunity to meet with and discuss everyday healthcare information technology issues with all levels of administrative and clerical staff.

Of the many and varied concerns, the issue of access to medical records (such as image management and healthcare data storage) often comes up as a top subject of conversation. Data center personnel and others tasked with the direct handling of health records ping-pong these kinds of messages on a daily basis, back ...

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HIPAA Compliant Cloud - Is your infrastructure up to scratch?

Healthcare information technology has been churning out ever greater amounts of medical and medical-related data, requiring better and more reliable health data management. The technology of choice seems to be the Cloud, or at least it's being heavily relied upon to store and retrieve vast amounts of health-related data - and its use is increasing daily.

Consequently, health information privacy issues have become a major concern both for the patients themselves, and for those in the healthcare service...

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Mobile Device Management BYOD Strategies

Mobile Device Management: Is It Possible to Have a Good BYOD Strategy?

Bring your own device (BYOD) availability is a great way to get users to work with mobile devices or their own laptops on the network. It reduces the cost for the company by eliminating the need to purchase smartphones and tablets, and users can carry around their own equipment a...

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Benefits of Cloud Healthcare Data Storage

August 2017, as barometers fell and the flood waters rose around Houston, Texas, healthcare administrators had plenty to think about. First and foremost was patient safety in an impending Category 4 hurricane. Then, they confronted operational challenges--how to maintain staffing needs and how to support stranded, overwhelmed, and exhausted medical teams. Availability of supplies in a just-in-time environment was compounded by the increasing needs of a population suffering injuries from the storm.

What they should not h...

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