The challenges facing healthcare professionals are vast and varied.

SolidSupport offers robust IT solutions that reduce your costs, enhance your security resilience, prepare you for any disaster and ensure patient data is never lost.

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Solid Cloud Storage:

Is your healthcare storage up to scratch?

Our dedicated solutions provides you with:

  • Military grade security
  • Full HIPAA compliance
  • Significant cost savings compared to traditional methods


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Director of University Operations

“We can count on SolidSupport to always respond to our problems. They have gone above and beyond the expectations of any solutions provider that we have seen in the past. We have had downtime due to vendor-related issues on a weekend, and SolidSupport has always responded to support problem definition and remediation.”

Director of Security Executive Placement Firm

“While trying to deploy a new security feature in our Next-Generation Firewall across our 66 locations, SolidSupport modeled the solution so we could understand the impact. Armed with the information that SolidSupport provided, we were able to deploy the solution with no impact to our end users.”

Director of State Enterprise Network

“We were doing a comparison in the industry for a more cost-effective WAN encryption solution. SolidSupport did a proof of concept to show that all our requirements could be met with an alternative offering than our incumbent solution. In the process, the SolidSupport staff provided training as well as a blueprint through automation to deploy across the hundreds of locations that we need to support.”

Our Services for Healthcare Professionals:

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Full compliance with significant savings.


Advanced Networking

High performance and extreme reliability.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Even the sky isn’t the limit.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Always available and secure.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Well deserved piece of mind.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Difference in your bottom line.

Let us take the load off your IT team today!

Advanced network and security support for healthcare organizations and businesses across the nation.

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